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An exciting new book from Edward MacMillan:

Hotel executive Kevin Logan was the unsuspecting victim of a Mexican cartel’s plot to test a diabolical distribution program using the airline baggage system to smuggle hard drugs into the United States. Discovering this plan by accidentally intercepting his forwarded baggage originally intended for a flight to Asia, Kevin chose to forego law enforcement notification. Instead, he stored the drugs while he continued his travel assignment that was deadline oriented and fraught with consequences to his company and his career.  That decision set off a global drug chase halfway around the world threatening him and others, including a romantic interest that became entangled in the chase.

The tale, set in the nineteen seventies, before personal computers, cell phones, the internet and Homeland Security, provided minimum communication tools, but especially, an ability to cope using his experience and wits.  Saddled with a stash of drugs worth near a street value of a million dollars, and a criminal enterprise desperate to silence their distribution plans, only that combination of experience and wits, aided by the love of a beautiful woman, could give him any chance of survival.